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Holidays in Lazio


Lazio, in German Latium, is a central region of Italy, which is located southern of the Tuscany. These region is the home of big towns, but it is also the capital of Italy, Rome. Rome is one of the most famous towns of the world and has a huge variety of historical monuments and cultural treasures to offer, which nobody shouldn’t let slip.
Latium is distribute in different regions:






In this region, apart of the big towns, the Albaner mountains, the breathtaking volcano lakes, of which are the Lago di Vico and the Lago di Bolsena at the border to Tuscany/Umbrien/Latium are the largest, and also the southern Latium in direction to Naples are certainly worth seeing.
Apart of the cultural variety and the numerous Sightseeing has this region also a wide range of bath resorts to offer and is so a ideal destination for the whole family. One of the most famous bath resorts is Terracina. It is located between Rome and Naples directly at the Thyrrhenian sea. As early as in the antiquity, Terracina was the gateway to the sun – a well attended bath resort, because it’s counting the most sun-days of the year of the Italian coast. As a diversion to the culture: the sun-bathing, the bathing and the the “dolce far niente“ – the sweet idling are offering.

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